Is your bedroom ready for a major refresh? Or maybe your blah bathroom needs a serious dose of style? Most people think they need a major renovation to make these rooms look and feel like new. So, you may be surprised at how easy it really is to add some updated style by updating just a few elements in each room. To help get your bed and bath makeover jump-started, here are just a few of the simple ways you can create your own custom design.




Update Your Walls With New Paint




If you want a serious upgrade, without a lot of serious work, then you should think about repainting your bedroom or bathroom. Coating those bedroom walls with comforting shades of blue, green, and pink can spruce things up while keeping your bedroom cozy. If you’re not up for repainting an entire room, you could also use one of these relaxing bedroom colors to create a fun accent wall.




Create Your Own Custom Headboard




A change of color can give your bedroom a bright new look, but you may want to style up your bed as well. If you don’t have a headboard or frame already, why not create one of your own? Use a darker shade of paint to add a simple shape above your bed, or a few thin boards and fabric to whip up a more posh design.




Add a Fun Throw Blanket and Accent Pillows




Your bed is the centerpiece of your room. Adding a cute headboard can help jazz things up, but you can also update your style with ease by picking up some new throw blankets and pillows. Think beyond basic solids and go for a pop of pattern or texture, to add something different. You can even save by grabbing a few pillow inserts and just buying new covers when you’re craving change, but be sure to fluff correctly for maximum impact.




Show Off With a Fresh Shower Curtain




Much like your bed, shower curtains tend to be the focal point for decor in the bathroom. You can change the look of your room by adding a creative shower curtain that really expresses your personal style. Go bold and boho with mandalas and fringe or keep things casual with a fun sloth print. Look for double-sided hooks to make swapping a snap with each season.




Trade Basic Towels for Ones With Style




Once you have your beautiful palm-printed shower curtain hung up, you may want to freshen up the rest of your bathroom. A basic trick for making your bathroom look professionally styled is to hang up some textured or boldly patterned bath towels. Put your towels on display by neatly folding them onto shelves or rolling them into pretty little baskets for storage.




Add a Spa Feeling With a Few Plants 




Your bathroom should inspire more calm in your life, whether you’re getting ready for or winding down from a long day. A fun idea for keeping this space super relaxing is to pick up some bathroom-friendly plants. Philodendron is nearly impossible to kill, while orchids will add a splash of tropical color to your decor. You can also add a few potted plants to your bedroom, for a bit of natural beauty and added air-purification benefits.




Keep Both Refreshed Spaces Neat and Tidy




You may end up spending a few hours or a weekend making these small, but impactful, changes to your bathroom and bedroom. Either way, after all that hard work and attention to detail, you will want to keep those rooms looking amazing. Use a few cleaning and organizing tricks throughout the week to maintain organization with ease and reduce clutter in both rooms. Pick up items as soon as you’re done with them and wipe down surfaces often.




So there you have it! It really is so simple to add more style and personality to your bed and bath spaces. You can even do so within minutes by swapping linens, bedding, or towels, but you can also complete bigger changes with minimal effort.




Photo Credit: Unsplash